SMG Soaps Professional honing service for straight razors. I've sharpened hundreds of razors over the past years and have settled into a method that is uniquely my own. You'll get the following when you choose to have your razor honed:

 Free return shipping within the US. You just need to send me your razor and once it is honed, I'll pay shipping back to you.
 Razor will be honed on a series of 6 professional whetstones; the last of which is a super fine (about 20K grit) quarried japanese natural stone. Your blade will then be given a few laps on a  cloth or firehose strop and then finished on shell cordovan leather.
 This service does NOT include blade repair or chip removal. Please contact me with a custom request for quote for those services.

Wedge grinds are more difficult and typically require more effort to hone, thus the price difference. Please select the option for the type of blade you have.
Once you make your purchase, I will contact you with shipping instructions.

SMG's Straight Razor Honing Service